Saturday, 27 November 2010

Sajak tgh stress

Salam alaikum,

Ana cukup suka tulis sajak tatkala tengah stress... La ni, sbb exam 1hb and 2hb depan ni... moga allah permudahkan....

Sajak Tatkala Stress

Tatkala stress di dunia ini,
Byk sggh setan yg suka bermain2 di kepala,
Hanya imaan penyelamat kita,
Berpegang kepada tali allah sahaja harapan kita.

O Allah, Tuhan yang Maha Satu,
Kepada mu sahaja ku pinta pertolongan,
Moga dipermudahkan jalan kami menujuMu,
O Tuhan yang maha kaya, yang maha segala2nya,
KepadaMu sahaja kejayaan dapat dicapai.

O Allah, ampunlah aku dari segala kelemahan yang ada di dalam diriku ini.
O Allah, kepada mu sahaja tempat utk kami blindung,
Permudahkanlah ya Allah,
Permudahkanlah ya Allah,
Untk kami mendekati jalan mu yang lurus,
Oh Allah Ampunikan daku,
Ampunikan aku.

Oh Allah, Tuhan yang satu,
Kepada mu sahaja kami berlindung,
Moga kami mendapat kejayaan yang haqiqi darimu ya Allah,

Tuhan yang Maha 1.

Sunday, 31 October 2010

Abu Hurairah (father of little cat) in Bahrain - A break with history


just wanted to share a history on the above, from MEN AROUND THE MESSENGER, compiled by khalid muhammad khalid (downloadable at


Abu Hurairah led the life of a worshiper and fighter. He did not miss a battle or a pious deed. During the caliphate of `Umar lbn Al-Khattaab (May Allah be pleased with him), he made him governor of Bahrain. `Umar, as we know, used to call his rulers sternly to account. If he made one of them governor when he had two garments, on the day he ceased to govern, he should still own no more than those two garments, and it would be better to leave office with only one ! But if he left office with any display of wealth, he would not escape `Umar's reckoning, even if the source of his fortune was halaal. It was another world that `Umar filled with wonders and miracles.

When Abu Hurairah was made governor of Bahrain, he saved some money from halaal sources However, Umar knew and invited him to Al-Madiinah.

Let Abu Hurairah narrate the quick conversation that took place between them: `Umar said to me, "O the enemy of Allah and His Book, did you steal the money of Allah?" I said, "I am not the enemy of Allah or His Book. I am the enemy of their enemy. Besides, I am not the one who steals the money of Allah!" He said, "Then how did you gather 10,000?" I said, "I had a horse that had foaled (ie beranak pinak) repeatedly." `Umar said, "Put it (the money) in the Bait Al-Maal (the treasury)."

Abu Hurairah gave the money to `Umar and raised his hands towards the sky saying, "O Allah, forgive the Commander of the Faithful." After a while `Umar called Abu Hurairah and offered him the governorship again. However, he refused and apologized. `Umar asked why. Abu Hurairah said, "So that my honor would not be at stake, my money would not be taken, and my back would not be beaten." He added, "I'm afraid I would judge without knowledge or speak without patience."


Monday, 25 October 2010

Justice in Islaam

Court of Samarkand

Samarkand is a great country located in North Asia, it has green mountains, hills and forests that you can never imagine. Samarkand is a city filled with gold and silver, silk, porcelain and natural resources. People of Samarkand used to worship the pagan idols that they made of jewelry, they put these gods in a temple in the mountains. This temple was specifically made for senior monks, and there were a lot of small temples deployed in the center of Samarkand.

In that era, Muslims were ruled by the Muslim Caliph who was an example because of his good manners and his way of worshipping god. He had many of the attributes of his grand father Al- Farouk Omar Bin Al Khattab- may Allah bless him- this Governor who governs all the country, has a kingdom which has never been owned by any one before him, not even by Persian Chosroes, Caesar Roman or Hakan. He has a kingdom extended from China to the Atlantic Ocean. His wife Fatima, the daughter of Abd al-Malik al-Khalifa and also the sister of the Caliph Suleiman, was the most honorable woman among the Arab women as seven males of her relatives were successors.

It is the Caliph Umar bin Abdul Aziz, may God have mercy on him ... ...

When the Islamic Army came under the leadership of commander. He was very seasoned, expert and tough with the disbelievers but very merciful with Muslims. His name was "Qutaybah ibn Muslim" – May Allah bless his soul and have mercy on him – when the Islamic army came on the outskirts of Samarkand, he ordered the army to go to the mountain behind the town because he didn’t want the people of Samarkand to see them. The Muslims army attacked the city and the army battalions from attacked behind the mountains as if they were a hurricane as they were very strong and fast. They reached the center of Samarkand and its conquerors cheer the remembrance of Allah. The monks fled to the great temple in the mountains and hid in their homes. The people of Samarkand didn't not go out for fear of Muslims, but for Muslims, the situation was stable.

The people of Samarkand began to come out of their homes to fetch water and food. They used to send their young children to perform these tasks and the Muslims didn’t face them, but they helped them to transfer the food and water. The children enter their houses with happiness. This situation began to spread the feelings of trust and tranquility in their hearts, and as a result, people returned to their shops, farms and properties after a short time. They found them the same as they left, nothing more or less. The normal life began to be good between Muslims and people of Samarkand in trade. They found that Muslims are faithful in their business; they did not lie or cheat. This impression rose when two persons quarreled. One of them was from the people of Samarkand, and the other was a Muslim. They went to the judge, but he judged to the man from Samarkand.

The news reached the runway monks in the mountain temple, so they said if this was their judgment, then they must have a fair ruler. They ordered their men to go to the Governor of Muslims and tell him what happened.

A young man went until he arrived at Damascus, he was full of fear and he saw a large palace. He told himself that this is the palace of their leader, but he saw people enter and exit without a visor and a sergeant. He encouraged himself to enter this place which was "the Umayyad Mosque". It was studded with precious gems, ornaments and Islamic majestic minarets. People knelt down in this wonderful place. He saw Muslims praying together and was surprised to see how those people are setting and lined up so quickly.

He stood up after the prayer; he went to a Muslim and asked about the palace of the caliph. He asked him: "Where is your leader?"

He told him: he was the man, who prayed with us, haven’t you seen him?

He said: no.

Muslim told him: "Did you pray with us?"

He said: "What is prayer?"

Muslim said: It is worshipping The Almighty Allah alone and becoming obedient to Him without any partner like the evil and immorality.

Muslim asked him: "Are not you a Muslim?"

He said: yes.

The Muslim smiled and asked him: "What is your religion?"

He said: "the religion of the priests of Samarkand".

Muslim asked: "What is their religion?"

He said: "Pagan, worshipping idols"

Muslim told him: We are Muslims worship God only.

He described caliph's home to him. The man went to that home and found an old clay house and an old man who fit the wall. His clothes were full of mud. He went back for a Muslim mosque and told him you make fun of me, I asked you about your leader and you sent me to a poor person fitting the wall.

The young man stood up until he reached the house of Omar bin Abdul Aziz, the Muslim said "this is the Prince, who fits the wall"

The young man said: "don’t make fun at me again man"
The Muslim swore by Allah saying, "This is our leader".

The young man remembered the priests and how they were so proud even to talk to people.

While the young man was still surprised, a Woman came with her son and asked the Caliph to increase its bid of money from the Muslims bank because she had many children. Suddenly, the Son of the woman hit the Caliph's son and hurt his head; they fought on a small game. The Caliph's wife hurried towards her son and carried him. She shouted at the woman. Caliph bandaged his son's head, and went out to the woman and calmed her down and took the game from his son and gave it to the woman's son. Then he told her to go to the Treasurer and say that he can increase her money.

Caliph's wife said "her son hit your son and then you raise her money". Caliph told her "you frightened her, and The Messenger of Allah peace be upon him said that whoever frightens a Muslim Allah frightens him on the Day of Resurrection......) and then completed the reformation of the wall.

The young man from Samarkand was surprised with what he saw, he dared and moved forward at a slow pace to Omar bin Abdul Aziz and said: You are the Prince of the Muslims?. The Caliph Omar answered, "Yes, and what's your business?"

The young man replied "I have a complaint about Qutaybah ibn Muslim."

The prince knew that it's not a complaint between two people.

The young man completed the complaint: Samarkand priests sent me and they told me that it's from your traditions that when you open any country, you make them choose one from three things, to invite them to Islam, tribute or war....

Caliph said: Yes, this is our custom, said that the country has the right to choose among the three…, The young man said "it isn’t your right to make a ruling or make a surprise or assaulted", Caliph said: "Yes, it is not our custom to do so and Allah Almighty ordered us not to do so, and our Prophet forbade us from being injustice". The young man said, "Qutaybah ibn Muslim did not do so, but his army surprised us..."

When the Caliph heard that he didn’t make any order, as it is not his habit to listen to one side, he decided to write to the governor. He wrote a series of lines, and ordered the young man to send it for the governor of Samarkand as he will remove the injustice happening there.

This young man went from Damascus to Samarkand wondering about what a paper can do in front of the swords of Qutaybah ibn Muslim???

When he arrived at Samarkand, he gave the paper to the priests who told him, give it to the Governor to do what's written in it. The boy went and gave it to the governor. The governor was Surprised, but he noticed the seal on the letter. He opened the letter finding that it contains the following:

"To the governor of Samarkand, peace and mercy of God be upon you, set up judge between the priests of Samarkand and Qutaybah ibn Muslim ... put yourself in the place of Qutaiba."

Caliph doesn't want to return Qutaiba and distract him from his conquests.

The Governor could not do something but doing as what was written in the lines, he appointed a judge quickly. But the judge was afraid to hide things from the governor known only to Qutaybah. The judge Select the day of tomorrow to meet in the mosque and ordered the priests to come. And ordered the people as well to come in the presence of Qutaybah ibn Muslim.

Qutaybah ibn Muslim was at that time a very strong commander who has the most powerful army in the Earth. Qutaybah ibn Muslim has completed the walk to China in the Islamic conquests. But the judge ordered him to return back, and he returned after a walk of two days.

When the priests knew that he came, they become so afraid.

Qutaybah entered the mosque and put his sword and took off his shoe ... Then the judge told him to sit next to his opponent.

Here the Court began

The priest stood up and said: Qutaybah ibn Muslim entered our country without warning the whole country, he didn't give us neither warning nor options for an invitation to Islam, tribute or war ... but he attacked us without warning ...

The judge turned to the commander Qutaybah ibn Muslim and asked "what do you say about this complaint"

Qutaiba said: "war is a trick ... this country is a great obstacle to us and all those who were like it did not resist to pay money and did not like to enter Islam, and if we fought them, they would kill from us more than we kill from them"...

And by the help of Allah and surprise we defended Muslims from great harm and the history witnesses on that... and all country behind them became so easy ... Yes we surprised them but rescued and let they know about Islam.

The judge said: "Qutaybah! Did you invite them to Islam, tribute or war??

Qutaybah said" no, we surprised them for what I told you before".

The judge said: "Qutaybah you confessed and by that the court ended"

"Qutaybah, Allah supports this nation only by religion... and by avoiding treachery, and setting up justice. we were out of our homes but for a fight (jihad) for Allah's sake ... we didn’t go out to have land and occupy the country unjustly "...

Then the judge issued the ruling: "I rule out that the armies of all Muslims of this country should get out of this country and give it to its people and give them the opportunity to prepare for the fight, and then make them choose among Islam, tribute or war. If they choose the war then we will fight… and Muslims will get out of Samarkand without any thing as they entered (i.e., with no commercial gain) and submit the city to its people, and that is the application of the law of Almighty Allah and the Sunnah of our Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him".

All Muslims began to come out of the city until the judge came out in front of the priests, the priests did not believe that. The people of Samarkand look at Muslims until they all went out and the city become empty from all Muslims...

The young priests said "what they did prove that their religion is the right, "I witness that there is no god but Allah and that Muhammad is His Messenger." All the priests pronounced that no god but Allah and that Muhammad is His Messenger and entered Islam.

That is the story of the greatest court in the history. It made people of Samarkand satisfied with the rule of Islam and as a result, people entered Islam in crowds ... even the high priest entered Islam.

And this was another page from the pages of history of Islam, which proves in every position the justice of Islam with Muslims and non-Muslims ...

By Fatma Dawood

taken from:


Book of Stories from the history, "the story of Samarkand court" by: Sheikh Tantawi

Islam and international law by Sheikh Wahbeh al-Zuhili

Sunday, 12 September 2010

Story about George, the Byzantine Roman

In the name of God, the most Gracious, the most Merciful,

iA (god willing) i will plagiarise (type down) a story on the above from the book Commanders of the Muslim Army by: Mahmood Ahmad Ghadanfar.


There is another very interesting anecdote associated with the Battle of Yarmook. A Roman General by the name of Jarjah (I think this refer to George as the Arabs tounge can be a bit different than the Romans hehe) ask Khalid bin Waleed r.a. (ie may allah be please with him) if he could answer his question truthfully. Khalid bin Waleed answered that he would certainly do so.

He asked if his Prophet s.a.w ( ie blessings and peace be upon him) had received a special sword from heaven and given it to him, because his opponents always seemed to meet with defeat.

Khalid bin Waleed r.a. said that he had certainly not received any sword from heaven.

Jarjah then asked him:

"Why are you called Saifullah (Sword of Allah s.w.t ie grorified be He [from all flaws] the most high)"

Khalid bin Waleed r.a. said it was because Allah Almighty had sent a messenger to guide them. Some of the people has sworn allegiance to him and loved him with their hearts and souls and obeyed him implicitly; others had rejected him and chose to oppose him and his teachings. He, Khalid bin Waleed r.a. himself had been one of his worst enemies. Then Allah s.w.t. had inclined his heart towards Islam, and he had sworn allegiance to the Prophet s.a.w. in person and joined the band of Muslims. On one occasion, addressing, the Prophet s.a.w. had said:

"Khalid you are the sword of Allah Almighty which has been made to annihilate the kuffar (cruel, unjust disbelievers)"

Thus he came to be known as Saifullah (the sword of Allah). Khalid bin Waleed r.a. said they were preaching the unity of Oneness of the One True God (ie Allah in Arabic term), and inviting others to worship Him alone.

The Roman asked if a person pledged allegiance to Islam could he also earn the reward from Allah and reach the status of Khaleed bin Waleed r.a.?

Khaleed bin Waleed r.a. answered that he certainly could; in fact he could even be in a higher position. Moved deeply, the Roman said he wanted to swear allegiance to Islam and its Prophet s.a.w.

Following the guidance and instructions of Khalid bin Waleed r.a., he bathed and purified himself and read the words of acceptance, of the testimoney of faith on the Oneness on God, and two units of supererogatory (i think this means optional prayers). He bid farewell to his army and join the Mujahiden (people to strive hard purely for the sake of God). The Roman General now fought as an ordinary soldier under Khalid bin Waleed r.a. for the honour and love of Islaam, and gained martyrdom.

After coming to the fold of Islam he had had time only for those two units of prayer; how fortunate he was that his end was blessed as a submitter (Muslim).


may allah make us like one of them.

Monday, 6 September 2010

Bila tarikh raya???

السلام عليكم (Peace be upon you all)

Saja nak kongsi findings ttg calculation for the month of syawal tahun 1431H ni :)

Based on web site

Berikut merupakan summary

Jepun – Tokyo

Hari (Tarikh)

Iluminasi Bulan (Purata utk hari tu la ni rasanya)

Nampak ke Anak bulan sebelum maghrib?

Waktu maghrib ie sunset

Nampak ke Anak bulan selepas maghrib ?

Rabu (8/9/10)

0.3% *Bulan Baru mula 7.30pm*

(moonset 5:32pm)


Khamis (9/9/10)


(moonrise 5:59am)


(moonset 6:06 pm)

So Raya Di Jepun based on calculation ni: JUMAAT la kan sebab kalender kita start maghrib.

Malaysia – KL

Hari (Tarikh)

Iluminasi Bulan (Purata utk hari tu la ni rasanya)

Nampak ke Anak bulan sebelum maghrib?

Waktu maghrib ie sunset

Nampak ke Anak bulan selepas maghrib ?

Rabu (8/9/10)

0.2% *Bulan Baru mula 6.30pm*

(moonset 7.05pm)


Khamis (9/9/10)


(moonrise 7.33am)


(moonset 7.56 pm)

So Raya Di Malaysia – KL based on calculation ni: KHAMIS la kan sebab kalender kita start maghrib.

UK – London

Hari (Tarikh)

Iluminasi Bulan (Purata utk hari tu la ni rasanya)

Nampak ke Anak bulan sebelum maghrib?

Waktu maghrib ie sunset

Nampak ke Anak bulan selepas maghrib ?

Rabu (8/9/10)

0.2% *Bulan Baru mula 11.30am*

(moonset 7.03pm)


Khamis (9/9/10)


(moonset 7.23pm)


So Raya Di UK – London based on calculation ni: KHAMIS la kan sebab kalender kita start maghrib.

In the end of the day والله اعلم (Definitely Allah knows better).


Thursday, 8 July 2010

Perangkap Syaitan


Nak share satu lg puisi :)

Hidup di dunia ini banyak dengan tipu daya syaitan,
harus kita berhati2 selalu,
Pastikan tidak terjerat ke perangkap syaitan
Membawa kehancuran dunia dan juga akhirat
Haruslah kita berpegang kepada 'tali' Allah setiap masa
Berpandukan kepada panduan alquran dan juga sunnah yg sahih

Ya Allah,
Dari Engkau sahajalah ketenangan haqiqi dapat dikecapi.

Hidup di dunia ini pastilah byk cabarannya,
Nak masuk syurga bukan boleh goyang kaki saja,
iA berkat ketabahan dan kecekalan kita,
akan diberi ganjaran ilahi

Ya Allah,
Dari Engkau sahajalah ketenangan haqiqi dapat dikecapi.

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Gaza Freedom Flotilla

Friends of Al-Aqsa
Gaza Freedom Flotilla – Update
25 May 2010
Ismail Patel , Antalya, Turkey

Click here to Watch the Video Update by Ismail Patel who will be  joining the flotilla

As with all other carefully crafted plans, we are having to revise our schedule. The boats setting sail from Greece have been delayed and since we all need to travel in a group we need to extend our patience for a further 24 hours before setting sail from Antalya.

Meanwhile the Israelis have announced several measures to counter the Gaza Freedom Flotilla. Apparently half of the Israeli navy has been placed on full alert to confront our peaceful mission to take humanitarian aid to Gaza.

They also say spaces have been created in their prisons no doubt an implication to imprison the 700 foreign nationals who make up this contingent.

All these threats from a heavily armed naval force against us civilians has simply further strengthened our resolve and we are more eager to set out earlier rather than later. Our spirits could not be higher and the Turkish team here is going out of their way to make our stay comfortable.

The greatest concern is the announcement that Israeli ‘citizens’ are preparing to sail with hundreds of boats to confront us. This is of concern since this may provide an excuse for the Israeli navy to intervene under the pretext of aiding its citizens.

However one can raise the legitimate question – are those Israeli’s without uniforms really civilians or soldiers disguised in civilian clothing?

Stay up to date
Regular updates will be posted on Facebook & Twitter/text
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Wednesday 26th May : Set sail from Antalya
Friday 28th May : All 9 ships from the Flotilla to converge near Gaza waters in the Mediterranean, and dock at Gaza Port

Gaza Freedom Flotilla: Not Just another Middle East Crisis
The Palestine chronicle
25 May 2010
The U.S. corporate media have provided little coverage on some important happenings in the Middle East during the past 18 months. You might ask what's the big deal -- bad stuff happens there all the time and it doesn't concern me. In this case, recent events have the potential to create an international crisis in the coming days. Before getting to the possible explosive situation, we first need some background information.
Click here to read more

Israel’s Navy will have its work cut out
Ten thousand tons of cargo, 800 passengers, 50 nationalities, nine vessels - one aim - to break the siege on Gaza.
Click here to read more

Action Points
The Israeli navy has declared that it will prevent the convoy from reaching Gaza at all costs. It has prepared half of its navy to intervene and stop the flotilla and has prepared special ‘prison’ spaces for what it calls ‘hundreds of protestors’, which seems to indicate that it intends to arrest all the peace activists and leaders who will be on the flotilla from 40 countries around the world.

Please take action:

1. Contact your local MP NOW
and inform them about the Gaza Freedom Flotilla and its aims. Put pressure on them to bring up a question in Parliament about what the British government will do to protect British peace activists on board. Also, contact the Prime Minister’s office and the Foreign Office.
Click here to find your MP

2. Contact the Prime Minister
David Cameron MP
10 Downing Street

3. Contact the Foreign Secretary
William Hague MP
Foreign Secretary
King Charles Street
SW1A 2AH,,

4. Contact the Deputy Prime Minister
Nick Clegg MP
House of Commons